My mom was very happy with my final semester BE results (86.4%), so she told me prepare the wheat flour Laddu’s (which we call it as Churmundo) and distribute it among all my relatives so that she can share her happiness along with them. Everyone in our family loves the Churmundo prepared by my mom and thank god now i have learnt how to prepare it finally. I found it very easy and it really tastes yummmmmmmmmmm…..It’s prepared only during special occasions. My relatives wait for my mom to prepare it, that’s their favorite sweet dish. This time she decided that I should prepare it and distribute it among them. It tasted really well to my surprise and also got emptied in a day span. 
It requires very less ingredients. Let me first list out the required Ingredients:
½ kg Wheat Flour
250 ml Fresh and pure Ghee
1 ½ cup of Sugar
1 tsp of Cardamom powder
10 -12 Badam
1) Take a Kadai and put it on the stove for heating.
2) Add the Wheat flour to the Kadai and start to heat the wheat flour with constant stirring for around 10 minutes on a low flame.
3) Now add ghee to the heated Wheat flour and keep mixing it well with wheat flour.
4) You need to constantly keep mixing and heat the wheat flour till it turns the wheat flour color to light brown color for about 45 mins.
5) Simultaneously add the sugar and cardamom to the mixer and grind it to fine powder.
6) Its better to keep the heated wheat flour to cool down for at least half an hour or else it will be hot to make it into small balls (Laddu’s).
7) After the Wheat flour cools down, chop Badam into small pieces and add it to the heated wheat flour along with prepared Sugar and cardamom powder.
8) Mix the mixture very well; see to it that it forms uniform mixture without any small aggregates of sugar powder.
9) Now start to make Laddu’s (smaller sized balls) and keep the prepared Laddu’s on tissue paper; It will help to remove extra ghee in the prepared Laddu’s (if any).
10) The tasty Laddu’s is ready in almost an hour or 1 ½ hours. It’s really worth to spend such long time to get those Yummmmmmmmmy Laddu’s. I finally garnished it with Badam pieces.
Whenever we prepare Churmundo at our home there is usually a competition among mom and me as to who will make more Laddu’s. This time also I won against mom, but she feels happy to lose she says it will help me to improve. 

There are still many more recipes to be learnt from her.
Until I Learn the more recipes keep enjoying, eat good food and stay fit.
Thank you friends

ತೊಜಂಕ ಅಂಬಡೆ / THAIKILE AMBODO

First of all before I start, I would like to apologize for not being able to update ”My Kitchen” with new recipes since I had been on a vacation enjoying with my cousin and nephew at my paternal native place and after returning back to my home, I was a little busy. But now I am back with my new recipes. I learnt many recipes from my aunt during my stay at my paternal native, will post it very shortly.
Thaikile Ambodo (in Konkani) is a seasonal recipe of GSB cooking. Thaikile is a sort of a weed found at your garden or at the hillside or by the side of the road. It’s usually grown only during rainy season. It’s available in markets during this season. My sister enjoys eating this vada for afternoon lunch especially, it’s her favorite. Its tastes really good when it’s eaten hot; rather than when cools down to room temperature. Very easy recipe can be prepared in an half an hour or less time say 15 mins if every ingredient is kept ready beforehand. 

First let me tell you all how to prepare the batter or masala for vada
½ cup White rice
¼ cup Toor Dal (Togari Bele in Kannada and Tori Dali in Konkani)
1 tsp rock salt
8-9 dried red chilies (preferably long ones 5 and 3 to 4 round ones)
1 full cup of Thaikile leaves 
1 cup of coconut oil (any oil for deep frying purpose)
1) Soak the White Rice and Dal for about half an hour or a hour previous to preparation of vada. (TIP: The more u soak in water less amount of water required to be added when you grind them.)
2) Grind the soaked White Rice, Dal along with dried Red chilies and salt crystals .No need to add water at first run. If water is required only then add little water during second run. It should be in thicker consistency (TIP: If masala found to be a little watery add little besan to it, this will absorb water content and make masala thicker in its consistency.)
3) After the Masala gets ready take it in an utensil.
4) Clean and Chop the Thaikile leaves into smaller pieces.
5) Add the chopped Thaikile leaves to the ground masala/ vada batter.
6) Mix the chopped Thaikile leaves thoroughly along with masala.
7) Now take Coconut oil in Kadai and keep it for heating for around 5 mins. Simultaneously make the smaller balls out of this vada batter and give a slight press on its upper surface so that it gets a little flattened.
8) Now drop in these flattened vada balls into the heated oil one by one. Let it get deeply fried; remove the vada when it turns into reddish brown deep color.
9) Serve the Hot ತೊಜಂಕ ಅಂಬಡೆ / Thaikile Ambodo in a serving plate and is ready to eat along with rice and Dal for Lunch.
Hope you all loved this recipe too…..Enjoy this recipe till I write my next recipe till then
Happy Cooking!!!! and Thank you for your visit at my space…..


Samosas are just my favorite snack.Its one of my favorite and a best secret recipe that I have ever tried. Everyone loves it at my home esp. when I prepare it, they all simply love it. I prepare it in a different way not the usual way of preparing samosas though. Most of them mash potatoes and add other vegetables to it put masalas to it and prepare its filling but I prepare it in entirely different way.
I want to share in one more secret with all of you.This recipe helped me to impress an Interviewer from Infosys during my Placement at Infosys!!!!!!!She was fully impressed with my answers. 
Most of them know that we have personnel interviews at Infosys once you have cleared your Aptitude exams. I was very nervous when I got through first round and was selected for the interviews. When it was my turn for the interview I was wondering what sort of questions I will be asked to answer them.
When I entered the interview cabin I noticed there was only one interviewer and she was a pretty and a polite lady going through my resume thoroughly. She was happy that I was good with my academics she asked many questions regarding it how do I manage time? How do I study...etc.She asked me an interesting question What sets you aside from others Priyanka?,I said CREATIVITY. She said to elaborate : I told her Maam I like Mehendi designing a lot its my prime interest and love cooking and experiment the same recipe in many different ways and to see which tastes better. She was fully impressed asked Whats your favorite recipe that you prepare Priyanka? My instant reply was SAMOSAS. She said its very difficult to prepare it rite.
I said no maam its very easy to prepare it. She asked what is my secret ingredient, that makes my samosas crispier .I explained her (will let you know shortly) she was very satisfied and happy with my answers she asked for a treat at my home some day and I told her yes she was welcome at any time. She smiled at me when we met outside after all the interviews, I got a feeling then that I m selected .When results were out I was the one among them the 60 lucky ones.yay!!!!!.
Let me share my secret recipe of samosas with you all…….
a) For Preparation of the Inner filling for samosas..
·         2 ½ tsp of Garam Masala Powder
·         ¾ tsp of chopped garlic
·         ¼ tsp of chopped ginger
·         1 ½ tsp of Cumin seeds
·         5 tsp of Coconut oil
·         ½ cup of sliced Onion pieces
·         4 finely chopped Green chilies (I added ¼ cup of sliced capsicum to it ,it gives a different flavor and I just love it you can also add it if you prefer or else its ok you can skip it.)
·         ½ cup of chopped Carrot pieces
·         ½ cup of chopped Beans
·         ½ cup of soaked Green peas
·         ¼ cup of chopped Beetroot
·         1 full Potato
·         1 full tsp of Salt powder
·         ¼ tsp of Pepper powder
·         ½ cup of chopped coriander leaves
·         1 glass of water
b) For preparation of Dough to cover the prepared fillings
·      ¾ cup of Maida Powder
·      ¼ cup of Wheat flour
·      1-2 tsp of Coconut oil
·      ½ tsp of salt powder
·      ½ tsp of Sugar
·      ½ glass of water
c) 1 cup of Coconut oil or any vegetable oil for deep frying purpose
Lets get started with the preparation of soft n crisp samosas
1) Lets prepare the dough first, Take a medium sized bowl add half glass of water nearly or less than half a glass to this add salt and sugar and stir it well.
2) Now add Maida and Wheat flour to it and keep stirring it till it becomes a medium sized ball of dough then add Coconut oil and bind the ball of dough properly. Keep this aside and start preparing the filling for Samosas.

3) Boil the vegetables like Carrot, full Potato, Beans, Green Peas and Beetroot along with a glass of water in the pressure cooker for about 10 minutes after the first whistle.
3) Take a small Kadai or a pan keep it over the low flame and then add Coconut oil to it (you can also add ghee to it) and Cumin seeds until it starts spluttering.
4) After the Cumin seeds starts to splutter add the Onion + Green Chilies + finely chopped ginger and garlic (I also added capsicums to it ) to it sauté it with salt powder(TIP: If you sauté the Onion with Salt it will get roasted to light brown very soon).
5) Once the Onion start to turn its color to light brown add 2 ½ tsp of Garam masala (you can add chat masala as well but I dont add it).
6) Add Pepper powder to it Mix it well.
7) Add in the boiled vegetables (mash in the potato before you put vegetables to kadai).Cook for about five minutes.
8) Mix them properly (I add a little fresh cumin seeds and chop garlic a little it does taste good) and put the flame off. Add Coriander leaves to the Filling prepared.
9) Start making small balls out of the samosas dough and now start to use your belan and make these small balls turn into small rotis.
10) Add the filling to these small rotis and fold it in such a way that it looks in a form of triangular shape.
11) Heat the oil and deep fry these triangular shaped samosas in it.
12) Samosas after deep fry taken in white tissue to drain extra oil in it. Yummmmmmmmmy Samosas are ready to be tasted with tomato sauce or with green mint chutney.
It takes exactly half an hour to prepare it. I love it a lot .Its nice feeling that I get now after sharing my secret recipe with all my friends. Hope you love it as everyone does at my home.
Till I post in my next recipes eat healthy good food and stay fit……….
Thank you all once again

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